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Welcome to our seasonality calendar – a vibrant and interactive guide to help you embrace the best produce that each season has to offer, as well as seeing what is of great value or even limited availability within each season.

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Winter Seasonal Favourites

Celebrate the diversity of seasonal produce, align with Mother Nature as each season brings a unique variety of flavours, colours and textures to transform each menu, Use the filters below to see whats in season, Great Value or a little tricky at times

Our Winter Product Breakdown

Welcome to the enchanting world of winter seasonal fresh produce, where the cool embrace of the season brings forth a unique array of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that thrive in the crisp and chilly air. As winter's frost settles, the earth yields a treasure trove of hearty and nourishing offerings, embodying the cozy and comforting essence of this time of year.

Winter is a season of resilience and sustenance, and the produce of this time reflects the fortitude of nature. From the earthy sweetness of winter squashes to the vibrant citrus zing of oranges, winter produce is a celebration of robust flavors and nutritional richness. These cold-weather gems not only add warmth to your dishes but also provide essential vitamins and minerals to fortify against the chill.

Savor the earthy notes of Brussels sprouts, the creamy texture of parsnips, and the aromatic embrace of winter herbs like rosemary and thyme. Embrace a farm-to-table mindset, appreciating the seasonal offerings sourced locally, and let winter produce inspire comforting and hearty meals that bring joy and nourishment during the colder months.


102002 x84 count 12kg Box

Apple Braeburn

101001 xkg

Apple Bramley

105015 xeach

Apple Golden Delicious

106004 x125/135 count 18kg Box

Apple Granny Smith

123062 xeach

Apple Kissabell

108017 xeach

Apple Pink Lady

109002 x12kg

Apple Red Delicious

110004 x120/135 count 18kg Box

Apple Royal Gala

200022 xkg

Artichoke Crosnes

200020 xkg

Artichoke Globe

200021 xkg

Artichoke Jerusalem

200009 xeach

Artichoke Oca de Peru

201014 xkg

Asparagus French

201036 x80gm Bunch each

Asparagus Green

201028 x500gm

Asparagus White

202001 xEach


218147 xx5 bunch

Aubergine Baby

202002 xkg

Aubergine Graffiti

115008 x18 count Box

Avocado Ready to Eat

218030 xPacket each

Baby Beetroot Red Loose

211015 xHusk each

Baby Sweetcorn

116001 x18kg Box

Banana Green Tip

116002 x400gm Pack each

Banana Leaf

203001 x1.5kg Bx

Beans Extra Fine

203002 xkg

Beans Fine

203025 xkg

Beans Topped & Tailed

325011 xBunch x12


301011 xApp 25 count 5kg Box

Beetroot Cooked

204033 x4.5kg Bx

Beetroot Golden

204026 xEach

Beetroot Golden Bunched

204025 xEach

Beetroot Red

204032 xkg

Beetroot Red Bunched

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Have you tried?

Forced Rhubarb

Tart, slightly sweet and bright in colour. Forced rhubarb is grown in the dark, the result gives a concentrated flavour, bold colour and more delicate stalks,

231015 x6.3kg Box

Rhubarb Forced

Sourced from: GB

Brussel Sprouts

Remember, sprouts aren't just for Christmas...

236001 xkg


Sourced from: GB

231015 x6.3kg Box

Rhubarb Forced

Sourced from: GB

236001 xkg


Sourced from: GB