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We take immense pride in forming strong relationships with our suppliers

We recognise that the quality of our products is deeply rooted in the relationships we build with the farmers, growers, and producers who supply us with exceptional ingredients. Our commitment to sourcing extends beyond more than just transactions; it's about collaboration, sustainability, bonds, and mutual growth.

By working closely with our suppliers, we ensure that our standards for freshness, ethical practices, and environmental responsibility are aligned. These partnerships not only guarantee the finest quality for our customers but also contribute to supporting local communities and promoting a more sustainable food industry.

Our constant engagement with our suppliers enables us all to learn, inspire and offer an in-depth and up-to-date range on all occasions. Our NPD team are proactive, and together, we bring innovation and excitement into our range.

We simply can’t list them all, but make sure you return regularly for an update as we actively update these details with all the information you may need to know about these most important and inspirational people.

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