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Our Summer Product Breakdown

Welcome to the sun-kissed realm of summer seasonal fresh produce, where the warmth of the sun intensifies the vibrant hues, flavours, and aromas of nature's bounty. As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, the summer season brings forth a spectacular array of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that embody the essence of sunny days and outdoor gatherings.

Summer is a time of abundance and plenty, and the produce of this season reflects the fullness of nature's generosity. From the juicy sweetness of ripe watermelons to the burst of tangy tomatoes, summer produce is a symphony of tastes that evoke the carefree spirit of the season. These sun-ripened treasures not only tantalise the taste buds but also provide a rich source of essential nutrients, making them an integral part of a wholesome and nourishing diet.

Indulge in the crisp freshness of cucumbers, the succulence of peaches, and the burst of flavours from herbs like basil and cilantro. The summer harvest invites you to embrace a farm-to-table lifestyle, savoring the peak ripeness and flavors that come from locally sourced, in-season ingredients.


102002 x84 count 12kg Box

Apple Braeburn

101001 xkg

Apple Bramley

106015 xeach

Apple Candine

103001 x70/80 count 12kg Box

Apple Cox

105015 xeach

Apple Golden Delicious

113001 xeach

Apple Goldrush

106004 x125/135 count 18kg Box

Apple Granny Smith

108017 xeach

Apple Pink Lady

109002 x12kg

Apple Red Delicious

110004 x120/135 count 18kg Box

Apple Royal Gala

111002 x12kg

Apple Russet

111500 xeach

Apple Tentation

114018 xeach


200020 xkg

Artichoke Globe

200024 xkg

Artichoke Heliante

201014 xkg

Asparagus French

201036 x80gm Bunch each

Asparagus Green

201032 x250gm

Asparagus Purple

201028 x500gm

Asparagus White

202001 xEach


218147 xx5 bunch

Aubergine Baby

202002 xkg

Aubergine Graffiti

115008 x18 count Box

Avocado Ready to Eat

218030 xPacket each

Baby Beetroot Red Loose

211015 xHusk each

Baby Sweetcorn

116001 x18kg Box

Banana Green Tip

116002 x400gm Pack each

Banana Leaf

203036 xkg

Bean Runner

203023 x500gm Pack x4

Bean Yellow

203035 xkg

Beans Broad

203001 x1.5kg Bx

Beans Extra Fine

203002 xkg

Beans Fine

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