Sturdy Foods

Pizza Dough Like No Other.



Who are Sturdy Foods?

Sturdy Foods Ltd is a supplier of top-quality Pizza Dough Balls & other easy-to-use pizza bases to restaurants across the UK, working with operators of all sizes, from single sites to multi-site chains, to understand how pizza and garlic bread can drive exceptional service and increase both revenue and repeat custom.

With a depth of market knowledge that applies to any food business, Sturdy Foods can help transform business performance to increase profitability, volume, and dining experience and help with sustainability goals.

Learning all about our suppliers, their goals, their way of working, and understanding the product - how it's made, how to use it, key allergen information and, importantly, how it tastes is such a crucial part of what we do at Delifresh.

Developing a deeper understanding and knowledge as well as a connection with each department and the supplier allows for greater service provided to our customers - without this connection with our suppliers, we are nothing. We pride ourselves on this, and even form connections between the suppliers and our customers, the chefs themselves - creating that family culture we hold close to our hearts in our values.

We are constantly working to become more sustainable, and working with suppliers like Sturdy allows us to do so - we are currently working towards introducing the wildfarmed pizza dough ball range. Wildfarmed works in partnership with over 50 UK farmers. Producing regeneratively farmed wheat, which works with nature, using traditional methods that use no pesticides and increase biodiversity.

Once harvested, the whole wheat kernel is stone ground. This milling method preserves significantly more nutrition in the grain compared to refined white flours. The flour produced is healthier, better for the environment and tastes exceptional.

There is no doubt that if you are making pizza dough, you need to take a second to think about how this amazing team can help your establishment.

How fantastic!