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Here, you'll find a breakdown of news for the month ahead, from crop reports to what you should avoid, what's good and in season, grower updates and even some special offers.

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Take a look at what's incoming this month that you should be using...

154016 x170gm Punnet each


206039 x1 - 1.5kg each

Cabbage Hispi

206042 x25kg

Cabbage Savoy

314001 xx8 Box

Lettuce Little Gem

201036 x80gm Bunch each

Asparagus Green

159024 x400gm Punnet each


310006 x2.5kg

Lettuce Cos

312004 x100gm Punnet each

Lettuce Iceberg

306007 x2x25 Box


Great Value Produce

Save Your GP With These Items

Take a look at what's in stock that will save your GP this coming month.

These items are full of fantastic uses while being totally affordable. This section is not what's in season specialty-wise but more what could be utilised to save your GP from destruction.


Pak Choi


Savoy Cabbage

Shutterstock 1275833890 1

Lollo Rosso

Shutterstock 687044719

Cherry Tomatoes



Watch out...

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Weather is the main driving force to seasonal change & fresh produce can unfortunately become quickly affected.

We understand that sometimes there's not much scope to change menus, but when Mother Nature strikes, sometimes items can become hugely affected quickly.

Keep your eyes peeled on this page to see what should be avoided.

The overwintered British crop has now come to an end, the new season is due to arrive between the 9-12th June, German produce will be seen but prices will be high for this - expect problems to worsen in the near future.

Scottish carrots are continuing ti run intil around the 10th June, which will then see produce move to imported goods.

Tenderstem is still a difficult time, Spanish and Portugese produce is coming to an end. Kenyan crops are suffering huge losses as result of flooding, the British season is not yet ready.

The British season for parsnips has now come to an end, Spanish produce is inbound but more expensive.

The Spanish and French produce is continuing at an increased cost but we expect to see the British season landing towards the end of June.

We are seeing potato stores becoming empty causing the market to continue to rise as a result of low yeild from weather related crop losses and late planting. Imported produce is starting to be seen coming into market to strengthen availability but is being seen at a higher cost.

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