The Inner Beauty Is Key

The world of fresh produce changes every day and ranges from the very large right through to the smallest regional producer of specialist items. It is an exciting, challenging, frustrating, rewarding and fulfilling industry and Delifresh have a huge appreciation for the integrity of the product.

Our range of fresh produce is varied and forever changing in league with the seasons, from the basics and essentials through to the most fragile and unique, we are able to deliver this comprehensive basket of goods at its optimum best.

We champion wherever possible our regional food gurus and closer to home is where our search will always begin. Nothing gives us more pleasure than developing new products with our existing suppliers, reducing food miles and our environmental impact through innovation and the sharing of our collective knowledge

Our links with growers and exporters within Europe and the integrated dynamic logistics we have in place ensures that product can be harvested fresh from mainland Europe and delivered into kitchens within less than 48 hours.

Enter the wonderful world of fresh produce

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Take a look at some of our favourites

The building blocks to a great chef is thier understanding of this category and we have plenty!

The world of fresh produce is ever-changing. Whether sourced from local farmers or grown at the other side of the world, the journey from field to fork encapsulates the essence of freshness, fostering a connection between each chef and the goodness of nature.

Embracing fresh produce provides a key to every great dish - Think about it: without this most amazing category, a chef has nothing - No sauce, no garnish, no starch, just a beautiful piece of protein.

308006 x100gm Pack each

Fresh Herbs Coriander

123010 xeach


232003 x100gm Pack each


150034 xkg

Pear Quince

207052 x10kg Box

Carrots Heritage

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