The Delifresh Community Foundation

Welcome to the heart of Delifresh's commitment to community impact – the Delifresh Community Foundation.

As an extension of our mission, we believe in the power of food not only to tantalise taste buds but also to nourish and uplift communities. The Delifresh foundation embodies our dedication to making a meaningful difference by addressing social challenges and fostering positive change. Rooted in the belief that everyone deserves access to fresh, nutritious food, the foundation strives to create a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Join us on this journey as we endeavour to build stronger communities, through our combined love of food.

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The Delifresh Community Foundation is a manifestation of our deep-rooted commitment to social responsibility and community welfare. At Delifresh, we recognise the profound impact that access to quality food can have on individuals and communities.

The foundation serves as a dedicated arm of our corporate social responsibility initiatives, channelling resources, efforts, time and partnerships towards addressing food insecurity, promoting nutritional education, and supporting sustainable practices whilst giving back to our wider community. Through collaborative endeavours, the foundation aims to empower communities, cultivate resilience, and contribute to a healthier, more equitable world for everyone connected to our brand and beyond.

By leveraging our passion for fresh, wholesome food, we aspire to make a tangible difference in the lives of those we find, ensuring that the benefits of good food extend far beyond our own doors.

Here are some | charities we support

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St George's Crypt

St George’s Crypt has come a long way from its roots back in 1930, but the vision remains; supporting the homeless and vulnerable of Leeds. The team have built a range of social enterprises in retail and catering, offering development and training opportunities to our homeless and vulnerable clients. Our foundation helps support in various ways a truly amazing charity who are extremely close to our peoples hearts

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Hope Housing

Hope Housing serve vulnerable adults who need accommodation and aims to provide whatever support they may need in order to lead an independent life. Clients come from various backgrounds: they may be destitute, have no access to public funds, or have a severely limited knowledge of English. Hope Housing have an open-door policy, and try to work with people who have been turned away from other organisations.

A truly humbling group of people

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Homeless Not Hopless

Homeless Not Hopeless is a voluntary organisation established in December 2019 by founder Matt.

Matt understands the immense challenges and struggles, both emotionally and physically, which can make it even more difficult to 'get back on your feet.' Matt now runs Homeless Not Hopeless with the support of a committed team of trustees and volunteers, all with different backgrounds and expertise.

Those who experience homelessness do not have a place they can call home. This includes people spending nights in shelters, on the streets, in abandoned buildings or even couch surfing. There is no single reason why someone can end up without a home. Personal circumstances and wider factors both play their part.

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Pudsey Community Project

Pudsey Community Project exists to transform Pudsey and its surrounding areas with and for the local community, especially for those who are most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Where they work:
Based in Pudsey, between Leeds and Bradford, but cover an area of around 20,000 households - Pudsey, Calverley, Farsley, Swinnow, Tyersal, Rodley and Woodhall.

Pudsey Community Project is based at our dedicated building at the corner of Fartown and Carlisle Road, just down the road from Pudsey Cenotaph: Pudsey Community Project, Fartown, Pudsey LS28 8LP

They are based at the heart of our community and offer a range of programmes for all sorts of different groups of people. they are a volunteer-driven organisation and have over 100 active volunteers across our different programmes.

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The People's Kitchen


The ways our Friends are forced to live are incredibly hard. They might be sleeping rough, or recently placed in housing with no belongings. Many of them don’t have access to nutritious food or have no support system around them. The People’s Kitchen is their safe haven and are a constant for people whose lives can be chaotic.

They make life on the streets a little easier by sharing hot meals and packages of clothing, toiletries, food, mobile phones and sleeping bags. They work with services to enable people to move off the streets, and then we provide food, furniture, and bedding to our friends when they move into their first homes. Also offering friendship and professional services to improve mental wellbeing.

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“I love Delifresh”

Phillip Hope Housing

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