The Delifresh Sustainability Pledge

In a world where the urgency of environmental responsibility has become increasingly important, we stand resolute in our commitment to fostering a sustainable future.

Our sustainability pledge is not just a promise; it is a guiding principle that flows through each element of our operations. Embracing the importance of treading lightly on the planet, we recognise that the choices we make today resonate far beyond the present moment.

With unwavering dedication, we pledge to integrate sustainable practices into the core of our business, championing eco-conscious initiatives to create lasting positive impacts on our planet and communities.

This pledge is not just a testament to our environmental stewardship; it is a testament to our belief in the transformative power of collective action towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

Why not join us on a more sustainable future for all connected to our brand & beyond?

Green team

Our Green Team

The Delifresh Green Team is at the centre of our sustainability endeavours, embodying a collective commitment to ecological responsibility.

Comprising of passionate individuals from our people & suppliers dedicated to making a difference, this team serves as the driving force behind our initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint.

From carefully sourcing locally grown, organic produce to implementing innovative waste reduction strategies, the Green Team is at the forefront of fostering a culture of sustainability within our organisation.

Their collaborative efforts extend beyond the meeting rooms, engaging employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders alike in educational campaigns and hands-on initiatives that promote environmental consciousness.

With the team leading the changes, we not only meet our sustainability goals but also inspire a lasting ethos of eco-awareness that reverberates throughout our entire community.

Development Goals

Introducing our Climate Controls, our innovative approach to mitigating environmental impact and cultivating a more sustainable food eco-system.

In recognition of the pressing need for climate-conscious solutions within our industry, we proudly unveil a system that goes beyond traditional standards.

Delifresh Climate Controls harness cutting-edge technology to optimise every aspect of our supply chain, from sourcing to delivery, ensuring that we operate with the utmost efficiency while minimising our carbon footprint.

This initiative is not merely a response to a global call for environmental responsibility; it is a proactive stride towards pioneering transformative change. By implementing state-of-the-art climate controls, we are not only securing the freshness and quality of our products but also taking a significant step towards a future where businesses and the environment harmoniously coexist.

Welcome to a new era of sustainability...


Our Climate | Goals - What are yours?

Climate Action

Reduce our own emissions.

Net zero and halve emissions before 2030

Prioritise and reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions

Carbon footprint analysis
-Refrigerant leaks
-Renewable energy
-Heat pumps
-Purchased electric.
-Low-emission fleet
-Biofuel for fleet
-AD plant
-Business travel

Responsable Consumption & Production

Reduce value chain emissions.

Net zero and halve emissions before 2030

Prioritise and reduce Scope 3 emissions

-Up & downstream transport/deliveries
-Suppliers to commit
to sustainable practices
-Track & reduce all waste
-Purchased goods
-Joint projects with suppliers
-Product end of life

Affordable & Clean Energy

-Up & downstream transport/deliveries
-Suppliers to commit
to sustainable practices
-Track & reduce all waste
-Purchased goods
-Joint projects with suppliers
-Product end-of-life
Influence climate action in the community/society beyond our business.
Accelerate action through partnering projects with supply chain, customers, groups

Decent work
Decent Work & Ecconomic Growth

-Sustainability upskilling & development
-Include sustainability into all roles, job descriptions and induction programmes.
-Support growing and local suppliers.
-Increase sustainable procurement practices.
-Warehouse innovations to reduce physical aspects of roles.
Support youth employment,
disadvantaged groups, apprenticeships

Good health
Good health & Wellbeing

Promote seasonality
-Educate good food – good health in schools and colleges.
-Cycle to work scheme.
-Review working patterns.
-Company health checks for all.
-Partner with health/healthy lifestyle provider.
-Further work on modern slavery in supply chain
-Mental health coaches
-Financial first aid availability