Our Core Values

At DeliFresh, our commitment to excellence is woven into the fabric of our organisation through our core values.

These guiding principles serve as the compass for our daily operations, reflecting our unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers. Grounded in integrity, innovation, and a passion for freshness, our core values form the foundation upon which DeliFresh stands.

As we continue on our journey, we invite you to explore the essence of who we are, as encapsulated by our core values that shape every aspect of our brand.

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Be Brilliant To Work With

We act with integrity & honesty, taking responsibility to do the right thing for each other, our customers, suppliers and communities.

• I treat everyone with respect
• I am honest, even if speaking the truth isn’t easy
• I work hard to achieve my own and the company goals
• I take responsibility for my actions
• I am patient with others
• I recognise/celebrate others contributions and achievements

One Team

We work together, helping each other to put our customers at the heart of what we do.

• I go the extra mile to support teammates and customers
• I am helpful to others, sharing my time, knowledge & skills
• I collaborate to achieve business goals
• I contribute to a positive team spirit
• I consider others in the decisions I make
• I am keen to learn from others

Be Better Than Yesterday

Change is constant. We embrace it and rise to the challenge whilst protecting our environment, working towards a better tomorrow.

• I am happy to challenge the status quo and suggest better
ways of doing things
• I am open-minded,adaptable and embrace new challenges
• I welcome honest feedback to learn and develop.

Our Vision

To be the home of the best people, incredible innovation, and unrivalled food supply solutions for customers throughout the UK.

People first
People First

We believe putting our people firstis the key to
making Delifresh a great place to work.

This is our promise to you
• We will ensure your voices are heard
• We recognise your efforts
• We will communicate regularly and honestly
• We have genuine one-to-ones
• Expectations made clear; you will know exactly how
you contribute to Delifresh goals
• We provide real-time, honest feedback
• We will walk the talk, putting our words into action

Our Mission

We are committed to continual innovation and growth through investment in our people, facilities, processes, and products.
Creating sustainable partnerships that add value and reduce our impact on the environment.